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Machine Learning -- Neural Network

There's an ever increasing amount of excitement in the industry surrounding Neural Networks, which seems to create a race to figure out various ways of using them. This is great, I love AI, and Neural Networks are not new, actually I believe the concept dates back to the '80s. However, I'm starting to notice a disturbing trend that a Neural Network is being treated as a magical solution, the excitement seems to be creating hordes of documentation that fail to describe what a Neural Network is and only seeks to show how to use one for a specific problem. Thus, I'm accelerating my personal schedule and writing this quick high level intro to try and fill in the gaps I'm noticing in documents/tutorials out there. I'll try to keep this really high level and talk about concepts, and the desires behind each step of the process. Thus I hope everyone that reads this will be able to remove a bit of the mystery surrounding Neural Networks. As everything having to do

Status of the blog

I have some news, Qualcomm is no longer running a developer advocate program. However, I've completely enjoyed activities such as giving lectures, attending meetup's, working with other devs on their projects and in general answering questions. I've also really enjoyed working on this blog. So for the foreseeable future; I will continue this blog and continue the ongoing projects. However, as I am no longer a Developer advocate for Qualcomm, my posts will not seek to specifically highlight Qualcomm ecosystem. If there is a better solution, I will highlight that instead. I intend to make this blog a resource for developers looking to work in embedded programming. I also will highlight AI and ML. Over time, I might start to introduce some news and thoughts on what new technologies mean by comparing them with their competition. If this blog ceases to be fun for me, or if it proves to never be popular enough to keep it going, I'll cease it. For now, however, I hav