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Daydream VR

I figured it's a great time with Daydream's recent launch to talk about the unique experiences that one gets developing for that platform, and how to design/develop with one common source code base. First, let's point out the obvious, if you're making a project where a large game engine makes sense, then stick with either Unity or Unreal. Unity offers a very easy to work with system that can get you to a working product in little time with a lot of capabilities, but has the downside of only supporting what Unity supports.  Unreal will give you the ability to have a middle layer between the ease of Unity and the ability to change drastic pieces of your engine as you have access to the source code Unreal is built with. Both of these engines are fine choices for working across VR environments and if they solve your needs, then please use them; and only read the below for the fun and interesting work that you happily get to avoid. However, if you want adventure, or d